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Machine park | Z.P.U. Mirosław Pogoda - Obróbka skrawaniem CNC, Producent aparatury wtryskowej, serwis ...

Machine Park

We have modern milling machines and numerical lathes as well as conventional lathes. This allows you to terminate production processes at a lower cost, thanks to which we are competitive on the market. We hope that this information will convince you to cooperate with us.

Star Micronics SR 32J 5-axis lathe, with bar feeder FMB 3-36 with a maximum length of 3m and diameter ø36, maximum machining diameter ø32, Fanuc 18i control, has a counterspindle, designed for the production of large series of details, has rotary tools, a pocket for receiving finished parts.

DOOSAN PUMA 2600 – max. turning diameter 480 mm, max. turning length 760 mm, feed: X axis 260 mm, Z axis 830 mm, rapid traverse X axis 30m / min, Z axis 30 m / min, hydraulic handle 3 jaw 255 mm, programmable tail MT4

CTX 310 ,3-axes, ø50 blind spindle, ø170 three-jaw chuck, has a tusk, turning diameter ø200, turning length 400mm, Fanuc 21iTB control, has a probe for measuring tools, has rotary tools.

CTX 400 , 3 – axles, spindle ø 65, handle ø 225 three-jaws, turning length 500 mm, turning diameter ø250. has a fang, Fanuc21iTB control, has rotary tools.

Colchester Tornado A50 , 2-axes, quick-change socket handle ø36, no canine, Fanuc 21iTB control, MBF 1000mm feeder, pocket for ready-made parts.

FANUC ROBODRILL αT21iFLa – travel: X-700 mm axis, Y axis – 400 mm, Z -330mm axis, spindle 100-10000 rev / min, 850×410 mm work table, turret, max number of tools -21, feeds: working 1-30000 mm / s fast feed 54m / min. Fanuc CNC 31i-A5 control

Quality control

Our company ensures control at every stage of production to ensure the highest quality.
Our laboratory is equipped with the latest generation of equipment that allows full control of production processes.

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